The Live Events

Matt speaks at conferences, camps, churches, universities, and pubs on varying topics, which are all focused on Anchor’s vision of reaching all people with the beauty and credibility of the gospel. If you’d like Matt to speak at your event, shoot Elizabeth an email at

The Blog

Matt writes about the beauty and credibility of the Christian worldview and the gospel and bring them to bear on the culture and individuals’ questions, which is meant to provoke conversation with those within the Anchor community and bring others into the community (Christians and non-Christians) who would benefit from or find value from the discussion.

The Podcast

The #AskAnchor Podcast (formerly the Question Christianity podcast) is where Matt answers your questions and where he interviews world-renowned theologians, apologists, pastors, and others (this part relaunching soon).

The Web TV Show

These are short 3 to 10 minute videos where Matt shares tips, teachings, and tactics you can use to evangelize or grow in your knowledge of God TODAY. (We are currently building out this stage, which is slated to launch in early 2016. Get ahead start by subscribing to our station.)

The Resources

Anchor’s resources have two parts:

  1. Matt’s Resources. Matt is constantly creating more content (ebooks, downloads, video and audio courses, etc.), which you can get your hands on in our store.
  2. Anchor’s Library. These are free resources (available only to people in the Anchor community) that have been carefully curated by Matt to ensure that you’re not wasting your time with fluff — getting you the best free resources online.

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