Matt is the forthcoming author of The Prodigal Mind (2017 release), a Christian speaker, an apologist and a social critic with over a decade of ministry experience. He speaks and trains at conferences, churches, camps, and everywhere in between on highly focused, well-researched and critically relevant topics (see below). For booking Matt, please fill out the form below. Any other questions, contact us.

I have been greatly blessed and enriched through Matt Walker’s preaching and friendship. His passion for equipping churches to know what they believe and why they believe it is unmatched. Perhaps his most unique gifting is being able to connect the head and heart. His preaching and ministry would be greatly beneficial for any church seeking to grow it’s church body’s head and heart or engage with unbelievers thoughtfully and compassionately from a Christian worldview. ~ Dr. Shawn McCorkle, DVM


  • Single Talk. Matt speaks on a variety of topics from crowds of 20 up to the thousands that are well-researched, emotionally engaging, and inspiring. Currently, he is speaking on the following topics:
    • Identity: Live From It, Not For It
    • Close the Gap: Closing the Gap Between Unbelief and Belief (most popular talk)
    • Jump Start: Starting Meaningful Spiritual Conversations
    • The Prodigal Mind: Finding Our Way Back to a Biblical Worldview
    • Water to Wine: The Power and Meaning of Jesus’ Miracles
  • Training. Matt trains leaders of camps and churches in the art and science of defending the faith, and shows them how to do the same with those under their care and leadership. Currently, he is training on the following topics, which range from one to three days of training:
    • Close the Gap: Closing the gap between unbelief and belief. This is a weekend-long training in self-awareness of your own doubts and struggles and those of others plus how to discuss and defend your faith in real life.
  • Other formats and topics are available upon request.





“Matt Walker offers a refreshing approach to classical apologetics. Using sound insight, rational thought, and a gentle manner, Matt avoids the polemic that alienates and instead engages those with differing views in meaningful discourse. Christians can learn much from Matt relative to reaching their unbelieving neighbors–even those hostile to the faith–with winsome arguments grounded in love.” ~ S. Michael Craven, Author of Uncompromised Faith and President of the Center for Christ & Culture

“Matt Walker delivers a message that blends the gospel with apologetics in a tangible way. The vision and mission of Anchor Apologetics are both invaluable to the generation today.” ~ Felix Trevino, Lead Pastor of Impact City Church

“It is my great privilege to endorse Matt Walker as an Ambassador of Christ, a loving husband, a faithful brother, and a committed apologist. The character of Christ permeates his entire being and is most evident in his thoroughly biblical defense of the Christian worldview always shared in humility, meekness, and love. In a day and age that sees the Bride of Christ under attack from every conceivable side, men of God like Matt are in rare supply but in high demand! May the Lord continue to bless my brother Matt Walker greatly as he commits to steward his gifts for God’s glory!” ~ Ezra Boggs, Professor at Porterbrook Network and Founder of the Bible & Beer Consortium

“Matt Walker is a man that truly loves to help people discover the incredible truth of God’s Word! Hear him speak and I’m certain that you’ll uncover truths that will change your life!” ~ Jon Warren, Lead Campus Pastor at Real Life Fellowship Portland

“Matt is a visionary dedicated to the labor of the Kingdom of God. He’s been incredibly influential in my life, as well as many others throughout his years in ministry. The Lord has used Matt to open my eyes to the expanse and majesty there was to learn of and experience in Jesus. He was highly influential in preparing me for my next season of life – with an eternal mindset and confidence in the Lord, ready to involve Him and give Him glory in everything I did. His ways of discipling and challenging those he is called to shepherd over developed my thirst for more in my walk with the Lord.” ~ Lauren Taggart, student at Baylor University

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